My LensWork

My LensWork Gallery is where I attempt to visually tell a story(s) with just a few photos.  I "borrowed" both the name and the concept from Brooks Jensen, publisher of LensWork magazine.  In 2016 he introduced his readers to the idea of "Seeing in Sixes".  Tell a visually compelling story in 6 images, no more, no less. A challenge much harder than you might think. He then published a soft cover book by the same name with 50 selected entries. I confess I was not among the 50 chosen, but after viewing the the selections, I feel no shame not having made the cut.   

Seine FishingSeine FishingFishing for Herring in Linekin Bay Purse Seine Fishing for Herring in Linekin Bay
To catch the wind - Sail Loft1To catch the wind - Sail Loft1 How To Catch the Wind
Charleston SC - DSC00533Charleston SC - DSC00533 Charleston Churches