Current Work

As part of my editing process after working on an image in Lightroom/Photoshop and getting it close to where I think it needs to be, I will print the image and tack it to the bulletin board in my office.  It may stay up for a couple of days or weeks.  Looking at the printed image over time allows me to separate out my feelings and hopes for the image and really look at it.  Often I will go back to the computer and tweak an image a bit and almost just as often I will decide that  the image is beyond saving and deep-six it.  

What you are looking at in this folder is my digital “cork board”.  These are “work in progress” images. The space on my office wall is limited and printing can get expensive so here is place where I can spend some time sorting out my thoughts on a given image: B&W vs. Color, cropping, contrast, tonality, composition, visual impact, etc, etc.  


Feel free to look around, but be forewarned, this gallery changes fairly regularly and some of these may never see the light of day again.

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